Ezca is the Savior of Gonadia


You know I love Bare Maidens and their whole feel. I love the scenery and costume design–seriously, they need an award for some of these costumes, like the Gonadia one. I’m a pretty big fan of the genre and have been since I was a kid. If any of the imagined characters in my head looked anything like Ezca does in (and out of) her robe, well, insert puberty joke here. Ezca’s outfit is fantastic. The full-length blood red enter accented with a lighter touch on the sleeves and everything topped off in black–this is just gorgeous.

Not only is the setting and wardrobe spot on, but Ezca is the perfect choice for this character. Her ability to fill the screen with her presence is astounding. In fact, the wardrobe works only because of Ezca’s ability to make it all come alive. Let’s face it, much like the Doctor’s scarf, a prop is a prop but if you have Tom Baker or Ezca, then that outfit can become iconic. Unlike Tom, though, I think Ezca’s outfit’s best moments are when she is popping out of it. It adds a bit of an extra layer to the shoot and still very much keeps in line with the vibe.

By the way, there is this one photo of her with her mouth slightly parted and her hair is flowing down framing her breasts perfectly. The black weaved design around her neck draws attention to the tightening of her muscles as you can almost hear an utterance from the still shot. That shot alone is worth the price of admission.


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