Stacy shows us a Devil May Cry attitude

Cosplay Erotica lets Stacy take us to hell with the DMC cosplay. The costume and attitude is just right for Kat. The character always intrigued me and to see her recreated ‘up close and personal’ is a bit of a treat. I think this is what Cosplay Erotica does best–they take stunning models like Stacy and put them into scenes that recreate some of our favorite games and other fandom areas.

We are dirty in an almost underground subway scene. The three-eyed tagger, Kat, is up to no good. Even if you haven’t a clue about DMC, you should look at the set. Stacy spends most of her time in a hoodie with up to knee boots and impossibly short shorts. She is ultra-seductive when taking that white tank off and, at some point, the spray can is used for things not exactly tagging but will still leave a mark. This is seen especially well in the video that goes with this collection as the spray paint reproduces the money shot from Stacy in a small punk package.

I’m a fan of DMC but even if you’re not there are poses that Stacy pulls off that are well worth the price of admission.

Kat is an important member of the Order in DmC: Devil May Cry, and serves as Dante‘s guide for much of the game. She is able to see into Limbo as well as project her astral form into that side-dimension, and is also familiar with several Wiccan spells.

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