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They sure crammed a whole lot of side plots into this episode. It’s like an episode of “True Blood”. But Luna still doesn’t take her shirt off. Damnit.

Now that Felicity is on the Mod Squad, she has some ideas on how the Hood should be acting. She thinks he should help the city in general rather than only chasing after The List. Isn’t that what Diggle has been saying for a while now? The Dodger is tonight’s baddie of the week, using explosive collars to “persuade” people to steal, whose other weapon of choice is a weird stun gun stick. Kinda like in Demolition Man! Seeing Gaius Baltar on this episode made me happy.

Why did it make me happy? Because it made me remember that “Battlestar Galactica” isn’t on the air anymore, because that show was fucking awful. Remember the first season when we were all, oh noz evil Robots! Run hunams, run! And then for the next three fucking seasons it was all emo space angel bullshit? And then it turned into an episode of “Oprah”? You’re a cylon! You’re a cylon! Everyone’s a cylon! Yeah, fuck that noise.

The Gang tries to draw out the Dodger to a charity auction with an antique brooch that he’ll probably want to steal. Felicity gets Dodgered! Oh no! But Ollie saves the day, YAY! Dodger says he only steals from the rich. How is stealing an item from a charity auction fulfilling that? It was for a CHARITY. What a jerk.

Moira confesses to some other conspirator, Frank, that she wants out of the game. It ain’t that simple, baby. He sets up a meet, with our platinum Triad mystery lady and Moira requests that Malcolm Merlyn be eliminated. Oh shit! Shit just got real!

Diggle tries to get some action from his ex-sister-in-law in a sweet but kinda creepy side plot. Ollie goes out on a date with Luna but it doesn’t go very well. They do manage to bug her phone so they’ll have all the intel they need. And probably where she orders pizza from for Night Cheese. Poor, lonely horse-lady.

Back on the Lost Island, Slade is suffering with an infected bullet wound, so Ollie with his new sense of purpose returns to the Cave to find super herbs. Only, there’s a bloody stranger waiting in the cave claiming his fishing boat or whatever wrecked and he barely made it to shore. That guy seemed shady as shit and Ollie almost unties him but changes his mind and leaves him there. Why does he just leave him there? Aren’t you gonna kill him? That guy was totally a plant! He might follow you back to your airplane!

After Thea’s purse gets snatched while visiting the bad part of Vancouver, she manages to track the thief down, a one Roy Harper. Two Speedies that go great together! The cops pull him in for questioning but after he tells them a sob story and Thea decides to drop all charges against him. I ain’t buying that either. Bunch of fibbers in this episode. She drops by his house later to retrieve her purse and BOOM we have a new love interest. He’ll be showing up more, I’m sure of it.

Shirtless Count: 1 at the very beginning


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