Arrow – Seeing Red


Roy had too much Red Bull and now he’s got wings, destroying the lair, which interrupts boring, sexy times with Ollie and Sarah. He runs and we spend the whole goddamn episode chasing him down and wishing Sarah would go away.


Contract law plays an integral part in yet another boring fight between Thea and Moira. Moira decides to drop out and play mommy dearest, for once. But then changes her mind cuz she’s an egomaniac.

We get to play dress up with wigs in a flashback before the shipwreck. Ollie knocks up some rando and Mommy Moira swoops in to pay for the problem to go away. And that’s about the end of that. So, is this mystery kid gonna show up later?

Why does Sin still live in the stupid clock tower? She’s obviously been there long enough to at least get some milk crates or something. Maybe a poster or two? Something? Great, now there’s a whole in the floor. She’s never gonna get her deposit back. You’re right, he is ROY’DeD out!
Roy shows up at Moira’s rally and wrecks some shit. Sarah shoots him and Ollie gets him with some snake venom arrows. Sarah leaves cuz of feelings or whatever. Good riddance!

There’s something Moira needs to tell the kids about Malcolm Merlyn. BOOM! And now Ollie finds himself having to choose yet again who lives and who dies. But Moira takes charge and offers herself up instead.

Where’d that sword come from!? What is he? A Highlander!? Slade stabs Moira right through the chest and that is really going to piss Ollie off, when he regains consciousness.


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