Riley Nixon as Lumi in the Lonely (Very Sexy) Oasis


I love Riley Nixon‘s buzzed hair and, in a set called Lumi in the Lonely Oasis, Bare Maidens makes great use of her unique exotic style. Each update on the site appears to be a piece of one of two sweeping epics. Superstar Riley Nixon plays the character of Lumi of Opila, Pinloria. I’m not sure what the details on this character are yet, but this shoot has that slightly supernatural priestess thing going for it. Kind of like a chick out of a Robert E. Howard novel. I can’t show you much of the setting and keep things SFW, as that baby blue gown is quite diaphanous. The setting includes nice details of weapons and an urn and Riley Nixon’s charisma and sexiness really shine here. Sometimes costume series can feel less vibrant, but Bare Maidens nails it and gets the fantasy world vibe, while still capturing Riley Nixon’s viscerally moving personality.


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