Straight Out Of CGI Reika Shimohira Cosplay


When Gantz 0 was released it was pretty clear that it was a huge upgrade in terms of visuals from what it had in the anime series. I’m a fan of scifi anime and a cosplay fan and naturally one of the things I look out for while watching is the tech and the suits if they had any. In Gantz 0, apart from the glowy weaponry, what really makes up their entire look is the modified catsuit which is apparently also worn by the men. It’s not easy to recreate these outfits for cosplay and some might need to be specifically tailored. Not everyone can pull off being in a catsuit but this cosplayer sure can! Chinese cosplayer under the pseudonym 一罐儿一 (Guàn Er) shattered the internet with photos of her cosplay taken as she walked around a cosplay event area while closely resembling the CGI version of Gantz 0’s protagonist, Reika Shimohira

Here’s a better look at the costume:


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