Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 3: Surprises and more


When I started watching this episode, the intro was a conversation by a follower and his master who seemingly smelled boxer shorts?! I made sure I was watching the right anime so THAT really surprised me.

As you all know, Kuki Urie was replaced by Ginshi Shirazu as the squad leader. Shirazu was supposed to motivate Saiko Yonebayashi to be active on the team but surprisingly, Urie convinced her to participate in investigations by telling her that they are planning to terminate her because she’s not joining the group anyway.

During the meeting with the investigators, it seems like the Assistant Special Investigator is late (so is Saiko, as expected), and when the door opened —- holy ssssummer feels, it’s Juzo Suzuya!

He was a Special Class Ghoul investigator on the previous season (previously known as Rei Suzuya) who seemed to stitch himself everywhere. In cosplay community, he is one of the most common character to be cosplayed because, come on, he’s just so cool.

Anyway, about the master and his follower at the beginning of the episode? It seems like it’s Tsukiyama because, well, who else usually does that in the first two seasons? I still find it weird about him keeping Sasaki’s shorts.

With the revelation that a lot of characters from the previous seasons will also be in the scene (Juzu, Tsukiyama, Ayato, etc), everything will become more interesting. I honestly am more motivated and excited to watch this compared to the latest season of Attack on Titan.

Oh, and who would not love the ending theme 「HALF」by Jooubachi??


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