Lily Lane Will Seduce and Send You Straight to Hell


It is common knowledge that thinking sexy thoughts about women has a tendency to nudge you ever so closer to burning in hell for all eternity, but Lily Lane of BurningAngel will make you welcome the eternal torment. Lily’s photos are not subtle in their implication, she literally worships The Adversary so there is little doubt that she aims to send you straight to hell, but she’s going to do so in the best way possible: through temptation and lust!

The saintly white flowing dress that Lily Lane is wearing strikes a poignant contrast against the pentagram and skulls background, and the pictures eerily point to the possibility that she has been possessed by something unholy, which isn’t that big of a problem because chances are her voluptuous body has already embedded unsaintly thoughts inside your head. It’s already obvious that she’s one of the damned at this point, but oh boy, one look at her body and you’ll see that she is definitely blessed!

While we’re not really sure that we want to actually accompany Lily on her way to the dark lord, we are 100% sure that we want to help her get there because she claims that the process involves ritualistic carnal acts, all done in the name of Satan, of course!

I went to Hell and my lady parts became possessed by Lily Lane’s evil hotness. Time for some ritualistic sex acts for Satan!


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