Catching Up with Cyril


We’ve known Cyril Lumboy as the Filipino designer and owner of Dolldelight in MYX TV’s “The Doll Life” but after season 2, how is she doing?

In the show, we could see that Cyril is very creative and hard working (and generally a very good person, too!) but the person behind the camera is the same as what we see on TV…and so much more!

Cyril is studying in college and is literally spending her time, well, behind the camera herself. Amidst studying and designing, she also takes time to eat out with friends, modeling OOTDs, visiting pet cafes, taking care of her venus fly traps and cooking. From time to time, she also conducts Facebook live and interacting with her fans (last time I was able to join on her venus fly traps “unboxing”).

When I messaged her about this article, she even apologized for missing my message, which is so nice of her because some celebrities wouldn’t do that.

Season 3 of “The Doll Life” is still not yet confirmed but we are very hopeful for the show. Good news is, The Doll Life will be available on Netflix and can be watched on several countries (UK, Ireland, Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa). If you have not watched it yet, you can binge watch on The Doll Life or relive the moments if you had already watched the two seasons!

For the most up to date news about Cyril and what she’s up to, follow her on her official Facebook page here.


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