A very adult time with Wednesday Addams


With her gorgeous hair and commanding style, Joanna Angel plays a wickedly seductive Wednesday Addams in this spectacular Burning Angel production. She is dressed in the typical Wednesday Addams style of a simple collared black dress with her hair in ponytails, and she absolutely captures the essence of the characters stern attitude and no nonsense demeanor.

When she is interrupted moments before beginning her daily ritual by someone at the door, she quickly sends him away and returns to her business. But her ritual and ‘the darkness’ seem to have other plans for her and the stranger, and they quickly find themselves bound by the strings of greater powers.


In this episode of A Very Adult Wednesday Addams featuring Joanna Angel, one Mr. Hands placed a call to the gas company about a leak, and the meter reader, Mark Wood, comes knocking and interrupting the creepy queen’s daily ritual. Turns out, Mr. hands died in.. an accident.. but she allowed him to enter her backyard while she performed her ritual…


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