Lady Luna is Wednesday Addams All Grown Up


Burning Angel and Lady Luna offer us this very grown up Wednesday Addams shoot. Lady Luna portrays Wednesdays fascination with all things dark and macabre, before losing the statement Wednesday Addams dress and going bare. Although we won’t all admit it, who didn’t have a weird childhood crush on the sadistic and spider-obsessed Wednesday?

Lady Luna perfectly pulls off this role with her beautiful tattooed body and alternative style. She is what we would imagine a grown up, modern Wednesday Addams would look like (for us to drool over).

Live out your childhood again with this very adult Addams Family without worrying about cousin Itt popping up, or receiving guillotined doll heads from her brother.

Lady Luna channeled her inner VERY adult Wednesday Addams for cameras! Inked goths do it best – they’ll totally f*** you and your mind!


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