The Greek God Apollo’s girl


Solwenn is literally, one of the GodsGirls in her first photo shoot entitled, Daphnaia.

Based on the myth, Daphnaia or Daphne was well-known for her beauty and this is exactly how you’ll see Solwenn. Her beauty alone, is mesmerizing, and her perfectly innocent and insightful appearance is, but fitting of the Daphne character that she portrays. With the symbolic wreath of laurel on her head and the laurel art on her back through her right thigh, you’ll have a clear impression of the actual laurel tree that the myth says she turned into. If Apollo, Greek god of the arts, poetry and music couldn’t resist her, who would?

First Photoshoot: Daphnia
Daphnaia: Ancient Greek, epithet of Artemis meaning “of the laurel”

About Me: Very shy. Highly sensitive. Can’t live too far from the sea; may or may not be a selkie.

Why Im a GodsGirl: I love art, I love porn, I want to combine both and exist naked on a screen.

Superhero Power: Knowledge.

Books: Dictionaries. I used to collect them.

Nerdy Secret Pleasure: Languages! This is the best topic to get me excited in all kinds of way.


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