Attack On Titan Season 3


After the cliff-hanging and oh so short season 2, IGN announced that Attack on Titan’s season 3 will premiere on July 2018! It’s a long wait but not compared to our wait for the season 2. We waited for four years and never lost hope so few months would be just a few sleep away.

There’s a lot of fans who are quite disappointed with the number of episodes for the second season and most of them hoped that it could have at least the same number of episodes as the first season, which ran for 24 episodes. Take it from us, if you do not want to spoil the fun of waiting and watching and feeling the way you’re feeling right now, do not read the manga version.

I know we can be a little bit impatient at times but this is one of those times that you have to restrain yourself. When I first watched Attack on Titan years back, I was tempted to read the manga version because I was impatient to wait for the second season, but I have to stop myself because I like to be surprise and not go “Oh, that person dies in the next few episodes” once the studio had painstakenly worked on for months to release.

Compared to the others who did not wait for the second season, once the anime version aired, they weren’t as excited as those who did not read the manga version. If you would like to read the manga version, best finish it reading the manga version. If you have watched the anime version, be a little patient because season 3 is going to be interesting and, as usual, worth the wait.


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