Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 4 / Episode 29: Soldier


Another intense episode of Attack on Titan, with the title Soldier, and it makes it worth the very long wait! Because almost everyone is hiding a secret, it’s hard to tell who’s telling the truth. Previously, I thought of Ymir as a usual bully but kind to Christa; however, it seems that Reiner caught her red-handed when she read a strange writing on a canned food. The writings on the can is an unreadable writing (as per Reiner) and Ymir must have studied it somewhere else. Obviously, not within the walls!

Reiner looked back to his past when he saved Conny from the titan. When he and Bertholdt were young, their friend got eaten by a titan because he saved Reiner. Unfortunately, the scouts were all eaten by the titans (I thought at least two of them survived and then Eren and the others arrived). After revealing that Ymir is a titan, it’s just mind-blowing, especially to those who faithfully refused to read any spoilers and manga version, to think that there are people just like Eren but who knows what’s going on inside their minds…are they friends or foes?


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