Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 3/Episode 28: Southwestward


Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 3/28 is titled Southwestward. The other half of the Scouts went southwest to survey the damages made by the titans..only to find the village empty. The scouts decided to scout other places so when Connie rode his horse and about to leave, he heard the titan say “Welcome home…” and he recognized it as his mother’s voice. Reiner told him that they have to move and that he did not hear anything so Connie thought that he was just hallucinating. With Annie’s secret out, who knows if there are other titans inside the walls?

Back to Eren and the others, Pastor Nick still refused to say anything. Hanji is holding a fragment of the crystal that surrounded Annie when she encased herself to avoid being imprisoned and interrogated by the authorities. Hanji told them that if Eren could also produce such crystal, they can seal the hold on Wall Sina where they saw the titan.

When Levi showed Pastor Nick the faces of the families who lost their homes and loved ones because this is the effect of the titans breaking into walls and possibly because of the secrets that Pastor Nick refused to tell. Pastor Nick told them that they are watching over someone who might be able to answer their questions and it was one of their squad member and a close friend. Armin, Eren and Mikasa said that the person Pastor Nick is referring to is a petite and gentle person…Krista. But what else does she know?

Back to the scouts, the team who surveyed the north side found a way they can pass by at night but Ymir is concerned because Krista and Ymir doesn’t have their 3D Maneuver gears and it may be dangerous for them. It is already evening and the scouts who surveyed the north side lit their torches hoping that the titans will not suddenly show up. Good thing they only ran into their comrades who surveyed the south side. They found a ruined castle near the walls where they can rest. One of them mentioned that the titans are not moving during night time.

Surprisingly, the titans attacked them when it is still night time then it occurred to me that on one of the OVAs, about Levi, one of the abnormal titan they ran into is definitely moving crazy to think that it was evening and raining when the abnormal titan devoured Levi’s friends. Hopefully, Eren and the others will be able to help their trapped comrades at the ruined castle.


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