Pigtails And Gas Masks With Scar 13


Scar 13 is wearing black latex sleeves, a belt and a pair of platform boots. Her makeup brings out her spectacular features and hairstyle. Something I like about her in these images is how her eyeliner highlights her eyes and the shiny element that she uses in the form of studs that look like diamonds.

Scar 13 takes her time with the posing, but then, once the gas mask shows up in this Blueblood gallery, the poses become more playful and fun with every passing moment, while they also showcase her flexibility.

Once you see the gorgeous Scar 13 with a gas mask on you will wish that RubberDollies like her had played the part of Psycho Mantis in the Metal Gear Solid game.


Forrest Black and I just had to include Scar 13 in our gasmask photographic series.
–Amelia G



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