Bela Needs A Healthy Man’s Blood


“I need blood. Warm, wet, bright red blood.” ~ Bela while pursuing Ethan

It’s never a little too early for a ghostly sinister cosplay, specially when it’s the recently shot to fame Resident Evil Village, the sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Aside from the game’s gripping storyline and great graphics, the game had beautifully creepy (they’re all creepy) well-written characters and memorable boss fights. One hair-raising character players couldn’t (and shouldn’t) take their eyes off of is Bela Dimitrescu cosplayed by the talented Disharmonica. Lady Dimitrescu may have taken the spotlight even before the game was launched but now it’s time for other characters to make their way to the cosplay fandom. Hopefully in the future we get to see more cosplays of not just Bela but the other Dimitrescu sisters, Daniela and Cassandra as well.

To see more of Disharmonica’s work, you can check out the following social media links:
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