Holly Hendrix Makes Your Day as a Very Adult Wednesday


Many nerds have spent their childhoods with a raging crush on The Addams Family’s first daughter, Wednesday Addams. There’s just something about Wednesday’s stoicism and her unflappable resourcefulness that give young boys something to both admire and be intimidated by. For many future weebs, the little Addams girl was the proto-tsundere. For the normies, she was the predecessor to the creepy, yet sexually appealing emo goth girl that is either a neighbor or a schoolmate.

The sad part is that Wednesday Addams has become an unrequited passion for many men. Once nerds have grown into full men, there’s no way they can still lust for Wednesday as a character, because such forbidden desires are illegal in most countries and subject to eternal damnation under most religions (and let’s face it, the actresses who played her are either too old now, or haven’t aged well.)

Thankfully, we have Holly Hendrix from BurningAngel willing to fulfill all of the male Wednesday Addams fans’ fantasies. This new video has Holly Hendrix cosplaying as Wednesday Addams, who is initially under threat from Small Hands but one thing leads to another and they have rough but extremely passionate lovemaking. We are not about to post spoilers here, but they go to places that would be considered freakish even by Addams Family standards!

Holly Hendrix takes the role of our favorite OG creepy emo goth girl Wednesday Addams. Small Hands comes to kill his girl, but then ends up having a change of heart, confessing his true feelings for his dear when he finds her apparently dead with a cord around her neck!


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