Tokyo ESP


There are a lot of good anime that made it to the top but there’s some that are good, and only needs a good I season 2 and good exposure to get noticed. Just few months back, I was able to watch Tokyo ESP and it only lasted for 12 episodes and it’s too bad because it may have been a good anime and noticed by a lot of people. There are interesting characters in the anime and it’s just a shame that there’s no known season 2 for Tokyo ESP.

For those who don’t know, Tokyo ESP is about those glowing golden fishes who chooses people, get inside them and give them superhuman powers. Not the scary way but they just look like they’re passing through the person but actually staying there inside them and gives them power. Of course, there are people who used their powers for evil and Rinka Urushiba, the main protagonist of this anime, is one of those people who used their power for the good of humanity. Rinka’s power is to pass through inanimate objects. Whenever she power is activate, her hair turns to white, hence, she was called as “White Girl” by the media, as she was caught saving people.

This anime could have been great if they added more story in it. I can say that the story is too simple that’s why people did not care too much to watch it. They could have gained popularity if they made a season 2 and focused on a wider perspective, like showing the people the bigger world of Tokyo ESP and present different new characters who can make the story more interesting. At the end of Tokyo ESP, there are two people with powers who seem to be the mastermind of the bad guys but it was not elaborated on the story. It will also be good if they also focus on that.

It’s just sad to watch a good anime like that lose popularity because it could have been great. You can watch the full series and you’ll see what I mean. Tokyo ESP only has 12 episodes and it aired from July to September 2014.


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