Bloody Beautiful Jack The Ripper Cosplay


Unfailingly usual, a lot of diehard hardcore fans of the Fate/Stay franchise have expressed their disdain over the anime, Fate/Apocrypha. Surprisingly they were still able to continue watching up to the end and even provide a chronological timeline of how it went and how much they loathed wasting time on it. While some people’s expectations may have not been satisfied, I would say that it is not entirely a lost cause for the cosplay community. If anything, it only provided cospalyers and photographers alike more material to challenge themselves with.

One amazing cosplay tribute from Fate/Apocrypha is this Jack the Ripper cosplay by Negi. Costume-wise, the material she used adds to the accuracy and the make seems sturdy enough to hold together specially when there is but a modest amount of fabric to cover herself with. The location they chose and the photography really helped bring out the feel of how the character’s personality is, which is a dark and deranged. Overall, this cosplay is bloody brilliant.


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