Gorgeous Jeanne Alter Cosplay by Mussum


There are times when you look at a cosplay photo and you think to your self, “Oh my god, she’s real,” because of how perfect the cosplay is and how close it is to the actual anime character. Mussum is one cosplayer who has such an effect on all those who see her cosplays becayse when I look at Mussum’s cosplay of Jeanne from Fate/Grand Order I can say that it feels like looking at the actual character in real life.

Mussum is certainly more than just a pretty face. You can see clearly that her costumes are of high quality and good accuracy. The fabric on her costume has been chosen meticulously and not just chosen based on color. Her armour is cleanly made and the details have been carefully added.

Also, just in case you missed Mussum’s sexy cosplay of Artemis from Junketsu no Maria, you can follow THIS LINK and have a look.


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