Verdantly Beautiful Atalanta Cosplay


Japanese cosplayer who goes by the pseudonym “Reichil“, is known for her Love Live cosplays but this little gem of a cosplay here reminds her followers of her love for the Fate franchise and that she has cosplayed quite a number of characters from the series. If you’ve recently just finished watching Fate Apocrypha, then you probably recognize this cosplay of the cute green-haired girl with cat ears called Atalanta, otherwise known as the Arched of Red.

The costume, the bow, and the makeup are all by the talented Reichil. DIY costumes like this take time and while they also cost quite a bit, I am personally more impressed with how much time was spent and precision cosplayers have shown rather than how much money their wallets have forcibly pooped out. Reichil has always been looked up to by her followers because of that extra effort she does to wear something original, and by original I mean something that was not mass produced and sold over the counter.


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