Visually Impressive Atalanta Cosplay


This cosplay of Atalanta (Alter) from Fate/Grand Order may look like it was shot in a studio or in an undisclosed location but this was shot in the middle of a public place at an event. A clear proof that you need only the right lighting, the right lenses, decent post processing, and of course a talented photographer in order to get a zestful shot like this one.

Cosplays photos are taken in various locations and plenty are taken during conventions and similar events like during street festivals and parades. Some of these photos go into a cosplayers portfolio for when they need to impress groups or an individual who will then get them invitations or hire them for a function. So really, without the skills and talents of these amazing photographers, there would be nobody to document these wonderful cosplays.

Fate/Grand Order is an online role-playing game available on mobile and it is based on the visual novel, Fate/Stay Night by Type-Moon.

Cosplayer: Rourou
Photo credits to: 教主Shadow


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