FGO Cosplay By Shika


The Fate Grand Order game is among the many famed games which links to the popular Fate/Stay Night visual novel with a popularity that has gone on to produce sequels, manga (Japanese comics), novels, some anime series, and mobile games. So obviously, this franchise has a cult following of gamers, anime watchers, and cosplayers. Shika is one of those cosplayers and in this photoshoot, she has chosen to portray Mashu Kyrielight.

Editing is a huge part of Cosplay photography nowadays that many photographers and cosplayers spend hours or even days just creating the fantasy background or locations and putting in the effects to make the cosplays look even more dynamic. For this very reason, choosing the ideal location for the photo session is vital for saving time and less editing work. This cosplay of Mashu Kyrielight from Fate Grand order was shot with a simple background and very few props that were brilliantly utilized to create depth. In this manner, without a distracting background, the focus of the viewers is towards the cosplayer and her costume.


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