Sakura Matou Cosplay: Come In, The Water’s Fine!


Underwater shots!!! I always get excited about underwater shots, they’re always so fascinating. There are a lot of elements to consider when cosplaying in the water and photographing the cosplay and it’s never always that easy. Underwater cosplays are not that common and there are not that many in this set and I wish there were more. There’s just something magical about underwater photos that are taken properly. Of course, we’ve seen a lot of cheat sheets on underwater photos and fake underwater images but this is not one of them (I hope!).

The following photos is a cosplay of Fate/Grand Order’s character, Sakura Matou, cosplayed by Rumi. Sakura, is one of the three main heroines of Fate/Stay night, a predecessor of Fate/Grand Order, and Sakura makes an appearance in the latter game as well. We always see cosplays of her more famous biological sister, Rin, so I am happy we’re seeing more cosplays of Sakura this time around.


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