Senrii Is Bound To Turn You On


Senrii is wearing cute and fluffy blue kitty ears on her blue hair, and there’s a bright light shining on her beauty as she shows you that her mind is full of naughty stuff tonight, and that her white shirt and blue panties are just the start of the sexy things she wants to show you.

The ensemble she is wearing looks like something out of a swimsuit anime, and she rocks it with a flawless style. To make matters even hotter, she has taken out a red rope, and she’s allowed you to watch as she ties it in a very intricate way, making sure that the folds and loops that the knots create accentuate her body over her clothes, until she’s all tied up and sexy.

This over-the-clothes bondage may look at first like it would stop her from teasing you further, but fret not, for Senrii has left enough of the rope loose in the right places so she can still amaze you with some very sensual flashes.

My name is Senri! I’m a 22 year old college student majoring in computer networking I can be very shy or out spoken it all depend on what coin you flipped. I Squee a lot and I have a love for Fat Chocobos and Stitches I love playing card and board games as well as video games!


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