Sage Of Hotness Senrii Cosplays As Saria


Senrii is wearing a perfect Saria Cosplay, you know, Link’s friend in the Legend of Zelda, only she is portraying a much sexier and bustier version of this Kokiri, with lots of cute and lustful elements included in her costume.

Today you get to enjoy not only her amazing personality, but also lots of sensual views as Senrii loves teasing you, and she starts by showing you the magnificent shape of her breasts when they are freed from her bra and she lifts up her top to give you a better look at them.

She also takes off some more of her clothes at a later stage to show you how she plays with her own “ocarina”, and after you see what Senrii does here, you’ll be happy to have found the Sage of the Forest, and you’ll remember her fondly forever.

My name is Senri! I’m a 22 year old college student majoring in computer networking I can be very shy or out spoken it all depend on what coin you flipped. I Squee a lot and I have a love for Fat Chocobos and Stitches I love playing card and board games as well as video games!


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