VeronicaChaos Cosplays As A Naughty Nellie


With a perfect portrayal of setting and character, VeronicaChaos is here to seduce you with one of her sexy cosplays. This time she’s decided to rock your world with a Nellie Lovett cosplay, you know, the lady from Sweeney Todd who did some rather unusual pies.

VeronicaChaos is presenting all her sensuality and her perfect friendliness tonight, and she’s teasing you with some creative props that don’t break character and let you enjoy a different side of her sensuality, because, as she always shows: there’s a unique sexy power in a well-detailed cosplay.

The makeup and clothes are fantastic, and since VeronicaChaos has done her hair to resemble the character masterfully, you’ll still get the sense of the cosplay even after all her clothes disappear, maintaining the fantasy that you’re always in the presence of this naughty version of Ms. Lovett thoughout her show.

Enjoy the games and the sexy views she offers, just stay away from her pies, ok? 😉

Username: VeronicaChaos
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
Occupation/Major: Ventriloquist / Masturbation Material
Pets: =^w^=


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