Game of Thrones – Queen’s Justice of Kneebending Goodness


Game of Thrones is back and so is the Queen’s Justice. Oh, the Three Eyed Raven just might make an appearance and so does Jaime’s past (or so I was told). The meeting of Fire and Ice come’s—Now.

The Bastard of Winterfell and the Dwarf of Casterly Rock are well met. The weapon handing over is a bit odd, though. It seems it wasn’t Tyrion’s idea, at least his grimace (Remember, kids, Nothing can kill the Grimace!) tells that much. Ser Onion Knight’s a MacDaddy but Grey Worm’s girl wants nothing of it. The dragon, on the other hand…

The Red Witch name drops the book title of bringing Fire and Ice together. Oh, what a sweet song it is. She’s hiding out, which is a wise move. Her character is rather interesting, as is the actress (seriously, loved the interview she gave about nudity). Varys and the Red Witch die in the same country? Prophecy or a tease?

You stand in the presence of…BOW DOWN! Seriously, the perpetuity of it all is going on forever. Her desire for knee bending is disturbing, too. We all know Jon won’t bend a knee. I am think the original cut was for him to tell her to F off. By the way, if you think this snide queen bit is new, you didn’t play the video game from Tell Tale. She was a pita then, too. He meets her as an equal and this disturbs her. I think it is the exact thing needed to bring her back to reality before she moons out past the atmosphere.

Faith in self is important, but Cersei has it in spades, too. This might be the parallel between what Cersei could have been and what she has become. ‘You’ll be ruling over a graveyard…’. That should sink in, but in case it doesn’t, Ser Davos gives one hell of a powerful speech. Her stupidity knows no bounds, though. This bend the knee crap is not even fitting for Cersei let alone the ‘true’ ruler. Someone get that girl a recap of her brother from season 1.

Must all Greyjoys but one go unkilled? For you history lovers, that’s a slight paraphrase from Lincoln (hell, maybe a direct quote, who knows? He was, after all, a vampire hunter). It seems that Theon is, once again, just there to tease us in knowing he is still alive. Think about it–where there was an episode that you actually said ‘hey, I really like this Theon guy! I wish I could see more of him doing various acts of getting back up–oh, maybe next week he can get up from the water!’? No, I didn’t think so.

Note: Around the time of the other Greyjoy, my cable company decided to stop all audio feeds with their digital service. I’m not sure if I owe Videotron a thanks for letting me fill in my own dialog or to be upset at a company that takes a few hundred a month from me to drop the ball rather large during a live review.

My best lip-reading: Greyjoy is asking Jaime for his advice on how best to have sex with his own family. Was I close?

Cersei’s Justice (so many queens and so few killer as Cersei) is with the Sand worms of Dorne. The thing about Cersei is, her character is so off the deep end by now, nothing is really left to shock us. She’s evil and vengeful, I get it. So, rape the daughter? Flay her? Make her mother eat her in a meatloaf? Talk her to death? Using the same poison that they used on everyone else? Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Jaime is back and hand’s down (oh ho, my puns) he is definitely down with making a few more Royals. Apparently, having your lips full of poison makes Cersei want her lips full of something else. Did we just witness a snowball and not even know it? If only we had a super-sleuth detective to help us out.

I’m back with audio and so is Tyrion and Jon Snow. The deal for Dragonglass is about to go down if Daenerys isn’t a total spoilt brat about things. Good luck on that for this episode. Which wise man said this? Oh, Tyrion, you scamp! Tyrion gives the Ghostbusters speech, what could go wrong? Give him the glass, if it is nothing–who cares, but if he’s right, Lenny, you have saved the lives of millions of registered voters. She errs on the side of the mayor from Ghostbusters and allows the mining. Me thinks this is her way of flirting.

Speaking of flirting, we see Sansa with Little Finger. Oh, command suits her and so does his silver tongue. ‘Everything that happens is something you’ve seen before’, that’s almost wise council from the bastard (non-Jon Snow usage of the word) and we get the Three Eyed Raven to appear! I knew it! I called it!

The Three Eyed Raven thing is a bit cool. It also rolls directly into what Little Finger was saying about seeing everything, but a rather literal translation of it. Okay, a bit creepy when he’s talking about his sister being ‘beautiful’ during her rape. Just when you think things are interesting, they turn creepy. I mean, at least he isn’t showing us his oozing scars or something, right?

Cut to: Spoke too soon. Sam showed a bit (a lot) of bravery here and I doubt he sees it that way. I wonder if he will ever see himself as brave as he really is or if he’ll always see what his dad saw? It seems that this arch-maester might be the person to point it out to him.

Daenerys is back and her hubris is strong. What can anyone do to my dragons? Huh? HUH?!? Shoot them down with some sort of shooting down dragon thing!? Not likely! With that said, I love the Tyrion version of Ocean’s 10. The castle is taken, but now the battle begins. Not for the ships, those are gone but for flowers.

Cut to: A million Lannister’s marching and 300 shots of Jaime walking through various halls to find an old friend. By friend, I mean someone who tried to kill his sister a few dozen times. I was just talking to someone about the ‘Book’ version of Jaime and the Teevee version of Jaime. We agreed that the Book version was rather wary (okay, darn right sick) of his sister whilst this version seems a bit blinded by her. The teevee version is by far the weaker version of the character, but it’s the one we are stuck with until George finishes it.

The old mother takes her medicine, but not before a few parting shots and one truth bomb. It was I who killed your son! Mwahahaha! Tell Fredo, I want him to know it was me. My money is on Jaime slicing her down Wolvie style, sniktitty snik…yeah, Strike Her Down!! Or just walk away. Sure. Told ya the Book Jaime was better.

I said this season was Empire and I am sticking to it. Daenerys is showing more and more her vulnerability (her own ego) and Cersei is showing, well, some kinky stuff with the sound off. I’m not sure if I will ever watch those scenes with the volume on, why ruin a good fantasy?

Next week–we’re going to see just who is the Wickedest Witch of them all and just how does an elephant fly? Until then, beware of Cersei’s kiss (unless you’re into that sort of stuff, then rock on!).


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