Re:Creators Episode 1


For those who loved Fate/Stay Night or Fate/Zero, you’ll surely love this anime, Re:Creators. I went ahead and watched the anime without reading the synopsis and other reviews because I’d love to watch something and be surprised.

The first scene shows that the girl somewhat jumped on the track and got hit by a train. And then, the next scene is about Mizushino Shouta, a high school boy who is just doing his stuffs, going to school, read manga — all normal things. Then, when he opened his tablet to watch the episode of the anime he is following, something started to happen. His screen seemed like it froze and then there was an error message. Shouta thought his tablet was broken so when he tapped the screen, the show came back; however, it seems like the character in the anime can see him. When Souta dropped his tablet, he was suddenly transported into the world of anime. It would have been a dream came true (as an otaku) if he wasn’t transported in the middle of a fight.

I’d give this first episode 5/5 because of how the characters’ background has been presented, it wasn’t hard to follow and I love that the inserted the fact that Celestia can drive a simple car like a pro because it’s nothing compared to the mean machine she controlled. With Meteora and Celestia living with Shouta, it’s going to be a riot!


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