Saber Bride by Disharmonica


The ravishing Russian cosplayer Helly von Valentine (also known as Disharmonica) has spawned a voluptuous cosplay for adults to drool over. Oh yes, Fate/Stay Night fans are in for a real treat as Disharmonica showcases her extraordinary talent, replicating “Saber Bride” and attiring the “Bridal Gown of Restraint”. From the tight wedding dress outfit that exposes her beautiful curves to the intricate details on the outfit accessories, Disharmonica has definitely created a cosplay that is overflowing with beauty. It is clearly evident that a lot of effort was put into this cosplay, and she definitely gets an A++++ for that.

Although originally from Fate/Stay Night, Red Saber dons this outfit in the popular game “Fate/Extra CCC”, which is available for the PSP. Not much else is known about Helly Von Valentine’s cosplay, except that she’s exceptionally beautiful. What more do you need to know? Wait no, there’s a lot more you need to know. I don’t speak Russian though.

Oh well. Want to see more of Disharmonica? Of course you do, that’s why you’re here, right!? RIGHT!? You can check her out on DeviantArt and Instagram.

These amazing hotos were taken by Vandych.








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