Akaoni’s Scathatch Cosplay


Easily the most attention catching version among all of Scathach’s wardrobe is this swimsuit version. The fanboys love it, the cosplayers are confidently flaunting and increasing their patrons no doubt. So, win-win. I have to admit, although I am familiar with the Fate/Stay franchise, I haven’t really dived deep into the fandom and cosplays really have been my window into seeing what kind of characters there are and it’s what “baits” me into looking into the source material of the cosplay. It led me to discover that the Fate/Stay franchise is vast vast world expanding from novel, to anime, to game, to comics, and so on.

This swimsuit version of the costume, simple as it looks it can surely be sewn by hand, however it is also being sold at websites like AliExpress for roughly about $40-$60. So if you feel like cosplaying this character or simply just want to wear the swimsuit, it’s only just one click away.

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