Luna Lovegood Cosplay by Absentia

Though she was rarely mentioned in the Harry Potter series, Luna Lovegood has always been one of my personal favorites. One reason is that I find her more charming than Hermione despite her unique sense of fashion. My other reason is that I find her way of thinking really odd yet astounding. Unlike Hermione who ponders on things logically, Luna always considers the possibility of impossible things to happen. Her words might be confusing at times but she really knows what to say during the most critical moments.

Here’s Absentia‘s Luna Lovegood cosplay. Though her character has always been quite childish and uncanny in the series, Absentia’s version of Luna Lovegood made it seem otherwise. She made the character look more mature and sexy with the custom-made dress she got from BlackMilk clothing and the way she delivered the character.

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