Gamer Girl Luna Lamb is a Petite Beauty


LunaLamb is a petite gamer girl with a sexy petite body. Her walls are decorated with posters from various games, such as Fallout4 and Pokemon. She also has Pokemon plush scattered over her bed.

LunaLamb talks about what she thinks feels good, how to get in trouble at work, and really just any random thought that comes to her mind. She’s more than just a pretty face, she knows how to keep an interesting, and hilarious, conversation going too. Her personality really brightens up the room, but it’s when she breaks out her toys is when she really lets loose. She’s someone you’ll definitely want to check out.

Hi! I try to keep my room really casual and relaxed. We usually end up just talking about vidya games, haha. I hang out until about 12am PST almost every night, sometimes later on weekends. Come say hi!


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