Her Tail is in the Air and She Wants to Play a Video Game with You


Take a look at the tail on LunaLamb! This nerdy blonde beauty writhes and whimpers on her Nightmare Before Christmas blanket, flipping up her tail plug to display her filled-up goodies.

For a tip, you can even connect with this babe on Steam for some video game fun together. She also offers a club to let you join her private Discord channel. If you’re looking for an erotic, enticing lady to play games with, or if you just want some geeky company while you get your rocks off, check out her cam feed performances and give her some tips!

Tonight, she’s got a glass toy and her tail in the air, if you’d like to visit her!

“Hi! I try to keep my room really casual and relaxed. We usually end up just talking about vidya games, haha. I hang out until about 12am PST almost every night, sometimes later on weekends. Come say hi!”


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