Private training by Amy Thunderbolt a Pokemon Trainer Cosplay


There’s been a lot of topic about Pokemon Cosplays and obviously they are cosplaying Pokemons. There are those who cosplay pokemon in a cool and exact manner and there are those who goes sexy and creative. What I’m wondering is that why are there very few who cosplays Pokemon Trainers? I’ve been doing some research and browsing of a Professional Cosplay Photographer going by the name Beethy and I found this very interesting yet simple cosplay. A pokemon trainer cosplay!

The cosplayer goes by the name Amy Thunderbolt and I’m not quite sure if that’s really her name because obviously having thunderbolt as your surname is so freakin’ awesome to be true. But anyways Amy took the role of Hilda from the game Pokemon Black/White. In the game you are able to choose between to a male character named Hilbert and a female character named Hilda. Hilda is a girl who lives in Nuvema Town, along with her childhood friends, Cheren and Bianca. And like any other Pokemon game, if chosen as the player, she will receive a starter Pokémon and a Pokédex from Professor Juniper and thus the Pokemon Adventure begins!

Hilda is the female selectable character in the game. She wears a white cap and has pony tail plunging out from it. She wears a white top covered by a black vest and a short shorts and Black boots with pink sole. She also carries a pink sling bag. Among all the other female player character in the whole franchise, Hilda looks and attire is the best in my opinion. But going back, the cosplayer, Amy, was able to capture exactly what Hilda looks from top to botoom and including both in terms of sexiness and beauty.

Easy to tailor? Yes. Easy to cosplay? No. Cosplaying doesn’t only involves the suit or dress you are wearing, but also on how you wear it, The outfit might be simple but you can really see the sexiness on it, it might be just a typical everyday wear but not everyone can wear it liker Amy. Amy Thunderbolt was able to wear Hilda’s outfit at it’s best and her facial features really just matches the character.

If you want to see more of her Amy Thunderbolt you may go ther website here and follow her twitter page. Let’s not forget about the photographer Beethy for submitting her photos on the web.


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