RazorCandi Hot Natural Roots


This set has all the right stuff, with RazorCandi not only looking super-hot with her long black hair, but also because you can see her full, bare body from the start. She does cover her breasts at times with her hair, which graciously falls over her shoulders and helps cover her chest, creating a mysterious feel for each one of her poses.

There’s also something that always comes as a fabulous gift, because RazorCandi appears with the aforementioned nakendness, and she chooses to keep this natural state in an outdoor setting, and there’s nothing hotter than seeing RazorCandi being her usual alluring self while surrounded by nature and her letting the power of the greenery work together with her to enhance her sensuality.

If you want more Razorcandi goodness, you should check out and back her cool stuff, which includes a coffee table art book, t-shirts, fan signs and much more from this artistic goddess.

A perfect set for the autumn season. I was very inspired to shoot something soft with a note of simplicity. Being off grid for a couple if weeks after my return to the US left an imprint on my creativity. Surrounded by the flora and fauna of the Appalachian mountains I surrendered to my most natural form allowing nature envelop me in her delicate embrace.


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