Ice Ice Baby!: Yuri Plisenski Cosplay by Kaizer-sama


In the world of sports, I’ve got to say that figure skating is one of the most beautiful and sensual sport there is. Every performance is choreographed to perfection and must always be in sync with the performer’s feelings, otherwise, their message will never be conveyed properly and will never reach out the crowd. That’s what I learned as I watched Yuri on Ice, the anime that showed me both the beauty and the pain behind every figure skater’s story.

Here’s Kaizer-sama‘s Yuri Plisetski cosplay in his casual attire, training outfit, and costume as well as in angelic, neko, and traditional Japanese clothes. Yuri Plisetski is a Russian figure skater in this anime who aims to become the next Grand Prix Finale’s champion. He’s bold and fierce but his determination to become the best figure skater in the world will totally inspire you!

These creative photos were taken by Yuri Savellev and Sakito Katsukawa.

Yuri Plisetski (Agape)


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