Breathtaking Benten Cosplay by Kaizer-sama


At a glance, this Russian hottie will definitely take your breath away. Surprisingly, she’s actually a “he”. A perfect fit for Benten’s character from the manga Zone-00.

Benten is a Yatagarasu (three-legged monster bird) who has the ability to turn into a golden crow. Apparently, this mesmerizing creature was created by Kiyo Kyuujou in a more feminine way contributing to his unique character in the series. With his mesmerizing looks, there’s no doubt that even grown men can’t easily get away from his charm.

This is Kaizer-sama‘s stunning Benten cosplay which was inspired by the manga plus bonus Benten cosplay photos where he’s only wearing a white with golden lining ribbon as a top. He’s so sexy and cool that even boys could actually fall for him! (That is if they won’t find out who he really is! ~_^ )

These creative photos were taken by Sakito Katsukawa.


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