The Doll Life Season 2 Episode 10: Saw Red, White and Fuzzy!


Myx TV‘s reality-TV show, The Doll Life, is on it’s 10th episode for season 2 and I’m so excited to see what the dolls are up to! For this episode, the title is Saw Red, White and Fuzzy! for a reason.

It’s a brand new day! Everyone had quite a day after arriving at the camp site and there are a lot of things going on since they arrived. Ashphord used sticks to locate water, Cyril climbing up the tree and took bird’s eggs, Paula and Angel getting lost, Angel falling off the trail and Stephanie peeing on herself — it just proves that the dolls can let loose and just have fun!

The next day, Stephanie was surprised with what she saw after opening the entrance of the tent. It was Ashphord and a guy she met when she went out of a walk that morning and they were doing yoga — with the guy in a g-string! What a way to start your day.

After a quick breakfast, the dolls met up with the “world class” photographer whom Responsible Stephanie hired expensively but Ashphord and her yoga guy disappeared into the woods. However, things did not go well. It seems like the photographers wants a “sexy” and “seductive” photo shoot that he decided himself without consulting Cyril. Stephanie and Cyril shoo-ed the photographer away and yes, Stephanie is to blame and she admitted it is yet another mistake.

In spite of things turning out to be a mess, it all ended well. Everyone enjoyed themselves with this trip and everyone bonded.

I saw the preview for the next episode and I was glad Audra is back but I’m not sure on how Cyril would treat her, I mean, she was not that happy when she actually saw Audra’s video


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