HackerGirl Is a Dream Come True For Hardcore Geeks


HackerGirl is what I call the Total Package (and I’m definitely not talking about 90s wrestling star Lex Luger). For starters, she’s super hot…and that ever-changing hair color of hers bemuses in a way not dissimilar to Kate Winslet in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Having said that, HackerGirl is more than just a pretty face. First and foremost, she knows classic gaming — her favorite is Majora’s Mask for Nintendo 64 — and judging by the Vault Boy pics adorning her walls, she’s all about Fallout as well.

Really, though, she’s a true Renaissance girl. During her most recent livestream, she donned a V For Vendetta-style Guy Fawkes mask, jammed out to some Sting, waxed philosophical on the best mics for podcasting and went deep on the ASMR tip.

Like I said, the Total Package and a true geek’s dream girl.

Name: Lo
Height: 5’4″
Body: AF
Bewbs: 30D
Hair: ???
Eyes: Blue
Book: HP-6
Studying: Comp Sci
Food: Coffee
Game: Majora’s Mask
Planet: Hoth


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