The Doll Life Season 2 Episode 9 : The Dolls Go Camping


I’m glad that Myx Tv’s reality-TV show The Doll Life did not end only on episode 6 like the first season. It seems like more and more people loves this show! This episode feels new and exciting because the dolls take a trip to bond by camping, thus, this episode’s title for episode 9 season 2 — The Dolls Go Camping. I hope that they’ll finally come around and see how nice Audra really is.

Unfortunately, Audra still did not show up when the dolls went to Tehachapi for photoshoot and camping. Obviously, Paula doesn’t like camping especially when there are wild animals but Ashphord is the exact opposite. Ashphord loved the outdoors so much that she tried to use branches of a tree to find water — when Stephanie and Stevie are behind her holding water and drinking. When Cyril climbed the tree, she looked like a koala and makes me think that this activity is actually good for them in order to discover something about each other. At least they’d have something else to talk about later in the day besides Audra.

I think that Angel is overacting about being lost in the woods. I mean, you’ll really get lost if you panic. Hell, I get lost inside a mall first time I visited this brand new mall they opened. It’s a bit different, but still…

The dolls played the game, “Never Had I Ever”, and it surprised me about what I found out about Cyril and Paula. When they mentioned “porn”, I knew this is going to lead to Audra. Stephanie and Stevie showed Cyril Audra’s video and Cyril wasn’t too happy about it. She decided to finally take Audra off The Doll Delight. It’s going to be sad without Audra around. The final activity they have is telling ghost stories and the outdoor elements made them run towards their tent because they got freaked out with the noises.

I can’t wait for the next episode and will surely miss Audra if Cyril’s decision is final.


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