Seniel Colorful Courtship


This GodsGirls set is colorful and cute, and as the images continue to spill sweetness and suddenly start becoming more arousing, Seniel begins to take off her clothes and posing in a racier way that will make fall in love with her.

At first Seniel starts playful, but very relaxed, wearing a t-shirt and jeans spattered with different colors of paint, and she is mostly just sitting down and showing you her beautiful smile and her stuffed unicorn and pony (an actual stuffed unicorn and pony, what are you thinking? 😛 )

Seniel seems to know full well the raw power of her appeal, and she keeps the best for last by focusing on establishing her playful side before engaging in the more lustful activities, but holding the view of her naked body and instead showing you playful things like her biting a lower lip, which is one of the best things ever.

Once she shows you her lovely breasts, you’ll recognize that the wait and build up was worth it to get you good, ready and craving a look at her nude body, which looks so delicate and delightful you’ll want to spend Valentine’s Day studying it in detail.




Name Seniel
Gender Female
Relationship Status Single
Sexy Orientation Straight
Sign Leo




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