Kayla-Jane Is Deliciously Flirtatious and Sweet


Kayla-Jane is surrounded by heart-shaped boxes and heart-shaped candy in this GodsGirls set, maybe hoping to find the one that tastes better, or has the best inscription on it.

Who knows?

All we know for sure is that she looks splendid in red and black, and that she looks super sexy when sucking on her finger (which is, incidentally, one my favorite poses. It is just incredibly attractive, don’t you agree?). Her makeup and glossy red lips also match her outfit beautifully, and the sanguine look in her eyes that comes from the knowledge that you are deeply enjoying what you see is entrancing.

If you are not completely drawn in by her beauty, then you are not paying attention to her, so take a closer look (and if you are, take a closer look anyway) because when Kayla-Jane asks you if you’ll be hers, you simply accept without hesitation.



Name Kayla-Jane
Age 21
Gender Female
Relationship Status In a Relationship
Sexy Orientation Straight
Occupation scuba instructor, model, and lady of leisure activities
Location the west side
Hometown NY
Sign Gemini
About Me im little, smaller than most people think *until they meet me. im loud, its a new york thing, or a little people thing, not quite sure. my passions include scuba diving, teaching, writing, and getting naked-for a number of naked activities hehe. i am probably too eclectic for my own good but i think you guys will enjoy that 😉 im a total hippy chick who wants to love everyone, be loved by everyone and smoke a gang load of nug
Why Im a GodsGirl because before me, there was no such thing… I love being in front of the camera, i love being naked, i love dressing up and stripping it off. the combo creates my desire to model for gg 😉





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