Mary Jane Cosplay


The Marvel universe is teeming with fantastic super heroes who travel the world, and occasionally the universe, showing off their powers. Out of all of those unbelievable characters one has always come off as relatable to normal people, Spider Man. Racing along with his web slinging powers, smacking down baddies with sarcasm, and of course attracting the attention of the red headed bomb shell Mary Jane.

The girl his alter ego Peter Parker has been in love with for years, Mary Jane has been quite the Spider Man groupie. Bringing this red headed beauty to life is no easy task but Australian cosplayer Kayla Erin has done just that. Using a midriff t-shirt sporting our favorite heroes face filled out by Erin’s ample assets will make you a fan in an instant. Paired with skinny jeans that will make your own fit a little tighter.


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