Burning Angel unleashes Vampire Cheerleaders


I love Burning Angel. Every time I see an assignment for them, my face lights up. They write the parodies that I would love to do and they fill the cast with really great, funny, and completely gorgeous gals. Burning Angel’s Becum one of Us is no exception. The premise is simple: An all-female vampire cheerleading squad. One of the brilliant moments in writing (hey man, I’m a writer so I notice these things) is when Joanna Angel laments about being such a horrible cheer captain that she has been at it for “700 years and I suck at it”. She brings the lines off perfectly and no matter how much I watch this (a lot, for the record) I still chuckle. There’s even an awesome razz at Twilight with the advice that she might as well “throw in the pompoms, go bask in the sun, and sprinkle glitter all over yourself.”

Seriously, these lines are gold. But you didn’t come here to see me wax poetic about the strength of the screenplay, did you? Don’t worry, Burning Angel brings the goods in this one. Think of this as an all-star line up: Joanna Angel, Jessie Lee, Veronica Layke, Draven Star, and Krissie Dee. Let’s just say these completely inked and completely gorgeous women are completely into their scenes. I’ve been on set where the chemistry was “so-so” or the sex was phoned in (or even faked) but this isn’t one of those shoots. This is a full out devil-may-care force hitting your monitor. I’ll give you a sample of the few (very few) Safe for Work photos from the film, but you really have to see this film in full action. You won’t regret it.

P.S. There are more than a few brilliant improv lines during the action too. I actually can’t tell you any of them since, well, NSFW but they really did grab my attention and made the scenes so mouch hotter (somehow possible!).

The new girl Veronica Layke knew about our vampire cheerleader secret, but she didn’t care and just wanted to cheer! We turned her into one of us with sexy blood sucking, and then Jessie Lee, Draven Star, Krissie Dee and I had a lesbian orgy. We fucked each other’s brains out and enjoyed our vampire pussies. 50 years and championships later, I became the school principal… and somehow Tommy Pistol showed up as a real werewolf – my squad tore him down… and then he tore us up… literally.


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