Lillie Rose Is A Magically Seductive Nymph


The fairy motif in this GodsGirls gallery has a fantastic attention to detail, not only because of the colorful makeup or the pink outfit, complete with cute wings, but also because Lillie Rose manages to maintain a seemingly innocent look throughout the first part of the shoot, almost nostalgic, only to later transform it into a powerful wave of sensual energy that will have your jaw dropping as her clothes hit the floor, revealing little by little what lies beneath her costume.

On this note, it is rather enjoyable the fact that there is some lingerie involved in this set, because it keeps the expectation alive and keeps you fully engaged as you watch every aspect of Lillie Rose’s beauty and her unique energy that would make Tinkerbell from Peter Pan feel really jealous of this attractive nymph.




Name: Lillie-Rose
Age: 23
Gender: female
Relationship Status: Single
Sexy Orientation: Bisexual
Occupation: Hairdresser
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Sign: Taurus
About Me: I’m a short dorky 23 year old with an unhealthy addiction to twix bars and masturbating. Hai! I’m Lillie c:
Why Im a GodsGirl: A bit of inspiration, a bit of self love, a bit of flirting with naked Goddesses and a new community of sweet lil cupcake babies to make friends with c:
Superhero Power: Tetris-ing all the food into the freezer and slamming the door shut so it falls out on someone else
Sexual fantasy: A threesome with two kinky girls and maybe a strapon!


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