AbbyAesthetic gives us a bit of Sailor Moon on spank night


AbbyAesthetic caught my eye with her Sailor Moon outfit, but what really had me going was her room topic. Do you remember when hostesses would have certain theme nights? Well, I thought Abby Aesthetic’s was the cosplay she was doing. Nope. I was a bit wrong on this one (and I am ever-so-glad I was). It turns out Abby’s theme night is 1 token spank night.

That’s right. Abby Aesthetic, dressed as Sailor Moon, is currently running a theme night that includes 1 token per spank. That’s insane! For those who haven’t seen Abby before, she is fair skinned and those spanks leave a bit of a mark. I even heard she is using a bit of a hard (no pun) tool for it tonight. If spanking is your thing, then tonight is your night. Who doesn’t want to see Sailor Moon spanking herself?

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