Razor Candi shows us her pumpkins


No, really, Razor is showing us pumpkins. What did you think I meant? Can’t you see this is a Halloween special that is fit for the family?*

This Halloween Harvest gallery is her doing a selfie shoot. I like Razor’s selfie shoots. She has quite an artistic eye, and this one is no exception. Her hair is long and dark; her skin is pale and mostly uncovered. In fact, she is so mostly uncovered that I almost couldn’t show you a picture of her and a pumpkin. Of the number of shots here with an actual pumpkin, only one meets the SFW policy, and I love it.

What works well in this shoot is the selfie aspect. By using a selfie style, Razor Candi elongates her frame, and this produces a rather cool effect for the pumpkin sequence. I can show you one of those pumpkin shots, but the others have a bit (a lot) of nudity. I really wish I could show you the picture of her holding the pumpkin where the stem is framed perfectly by her chest or the one where she’s holding the pumpkin and her top (cape with harness webbing on her upper chest) pops out at you; that is also the same shot where her eyes steal the show–seriously, what she does with a small touch of makeup and shadow is amazing.

Posing with pumpkins is a great idea, but there are more than just pumpkins to this background. When I was a child, I remember seeing this huge Harvest Moon and I became enamored with it. I love a beautiful Harvest Moon, and Razor delivers (does she ever! I wish I could show the picture I’m looking at right now, but if I did the SFW box, you’d see only the top of her heel and a smidge of pumpkin). RazorCandi puts no fewer than six shots of that Harvest Moon rising. Although the rest of the shoot is solid, these shots alone are worth the price of admission.


Normally I’d go all out for Halloween and shoot a super creepy crazy set with more visual props and make up but alas I’m smack in the middle of a big move across the ocean. Despite the move I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shoot something for Halloween especially given the beautiful northern foliage change in Pennsylvania right now so I whipped up an occult style selfie shoot with the little bit of clothing I have with me. Hope you all have a spooky and fun Halloween!

*Depending on your family, really. YMMV. Side Effects include ‘is it getting hot in here?’ and Rapid Eye Covering of little ones.


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