The Victorian RazorCandi


Have you ever seen Penny Dreadful and wondered, ‘What would RazorCandi do…’? Well, wonder no more! This shoot is directly from the pages of the Penny Dreadful (something I’ve been accused of writing). Razor Candi welcomes us at the door in her red corset and blue hair. She likens this to a bit of an Interview with a Vampire, and I have to agree with that assessment. I can picture her as the not-so-helpless courtesan luring her victims into her trap. Truth be told, I can’t think of a better way to go.

What we see here is Razor Candi at her strongest. She puts on, what starts to be, a safe for work show and then turns on the petrol and burns every notion of safety away. Each bit of her is belted, hooked, and covered. Layer by layer, the clothing and inhibitions melt. I won’t spoil too much of the NSFW scenes, but I will mention there is a toy involved and it does get a bit (lot) of love. She starts by licking, then…and then….

I really hope her Kickstarter succeeds because I need a coffee table art photo book of images like these!


I’ve always kind of adored the early Victorian style, especially on prostitutes of that era. Movies like Perfume : Story of A Murderer, Interview With A Vampire and Pirates of the Caribbean quickly come to mind. Something about this style flirted with the eye, the over exaggeration of make up and layers of clothing to accent the body meant to trigger arousal but there was something grotesque about it, a dirty, dark unknown that somehow captures your attention despite its warning. After I saw the beautiful location I’d be shooting in for my Courtesan set I just knew I had to try and fabricate this theme. I hope you all enjoy what I’ve created!


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